This is a stunning swimming pool, in a modern surrounding, in Vilamoura, Portugal.

The client chose to renovate the pool using a white AlkorPlan liner, as the white liner gives a clean modern look and a beautiful turquoise colour of water.

This pool did not have structural problems, the client simply did not like the glass mosaic tiles and the maintenance that they need. With the liner, regrouting the tiles with cement, trying to stick back missing tiles and cut feet are all distant memories.

The smooth nature of the liner material makes cleaning the pool much easier, as there are no crevices for algae to propagate in.

The installation of this lining took one of our 3 man teams about 20 hours. Renovating a swimming pool with a reinforced liner is much faster than tiling and far less messy.

In most European countries, a reinforced liner is the most popular type of pool finish. It is a much better finish than white fibreglass, smoother and more durable.

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preparing the pool for the liner

We need to change the fittings to be liner compatible. We do everything from inside the pool.

IMG-20170525-WA0009_1495738516218 IMG-20170525-WA0010_1495738516448 IMG-20170525-WA0011_1495738516619 IMG-20170525-WA0012_1495738517256

White AlkorPlan 2000

White AlkorPlan 2000, Vilamoura, Portugal

IMG-20170525-WA0014_1495738516947 IMG-20170525-WA0015_1495738516813 IMG-20170525-WA0016_1495738517408

White pool liner

White pool liner, Portugal