Swimming Pool Renovation, Desert Springs, Cuevas Almanzora, Almeria

We first looked at this swimming pool in Desert Springs 3 years ago, as it was leaking through the structure. We recommended the Renolit AlkorPlan system to repair and renovate the swimming pool for a number of reasons.

  1. The installation only takes a couple of days
  2. Minimum mess and disruption
  3. No remedial work to the terrace needed
  4. The pool looks like new, with an easy to care for finish
  5. It is the only system GUARANTEED to leave the pool structure waterproof, regardless of cracks, movement etc.

As part of the installation, all of the fittings inside the pool are swapped or adapted to be liner compatible.

If the structure of a pool is leaking, it should be repaired as soon as possible, not just because of the waste of water, but the water leaking under the structure could eventually cause more movement in the pool structure and surrounding terraces.

If your swimming pool in Almeria is loosing water through the structure, or you want to simply renovate the pool in a quick fuss free way, then contact us for a pool renovation quote.

Don’t leave the repairs to the last minute, there are only so many working weeks in a year!

For this swimming pool refurbishment / renovation project we used the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 3000 Persia Sand reinforced swimming pool liner. The Persia Sand swimming pool lining has tones of brown, sand and blue in the print, giving a beautiful turquoise colour to the water. The membrane is both the cosmetic finish and the waterproofing. The pool liner is minimum 1.5mm thick and reinforced with polyester fibres. The pool lining material is so thick, that we bring it on rolls and weld the sheets together on-site.

We have been installing swimming pool liners in Spain for the last 20 years and started installations in Portugal over 10 years ago. We are proud to work with RENOLIT, a German multinational company and the world leaders in swimming pool membranes and  waterproofing products.