Renolit Ceramics ETNA pool renovation, Alozaina, Málaga

This pool was suffering from damage caused by poor pool construction. The swimming pool is built from poured reinforced concrete, with steel reinforcing. In this case, the steel is too close to the surface allowing the water to corrode it causing the rust spots.

The owner was considering retiling the pool. This would have been very costly, as the tiles would have needed to be completely stripped off, the rust spots all broken out and then a waterproof render applied over the top, to try and stop rust spots reappearing. The problem is that once the steel starts to corrode, it is impossible to tell how far this corrosion has spread.

In this case, instead of re tiling the swimming pool, the client chose to install the excellent Renolit Ceramics liner. All the advantages of a reinforced PVC liner, but with the feel of traditional tiles. No more regrouting, replacing missing tiles, or dreaded rust spots.

As part of the installation, we broke out the worst rust spots and treated these for peace of mind, however in the future the liner will keep the water away from the concrete, stopping future corrosion.

The colour of this liner is ETNA, it is a stone grey colour (from the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 range), which gives a beautiful turquoise colour to the water. It is a superb way of creating a modern look to a traditional pool. The mosaic pattern goes well with the surroundings.

This installation took 3 days, compared to about 2 weeks to do the same with tiles, then the cements need to thoroughly dry. With the liner, the pool can be immediately refilled. There’s no waiting time, making a reinforced pool membrane the sensible choice for fast refurbishment of a tired pool.

Renolit Ceramics ETNA Alozaina

Renolit Ceramics ETNA installed in Malaga

Swimming Pool Rust Stains

Swimming Pool Rust Stains needing repair

Spain Pool Liners

Reinforced pool liner, Renolit Ceramics ETNA. Spain

Renolit Ceramics installed in Malaga

Renolit Ceramics installed in Malaga

Reinforced Renolit Pool membrane installation

Reinforced Renolit Pool membrane installation

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