This swimming pool had had several failed attempts at making the structure waterproof. The structure of the pool is cracked  and leaks, which is a common problem with swimming pools in areas like Gaucin, Malaga, where the ground is subject to movement and the swimming pools are mostly built on hillsides.

The last repair that the swimming pool had, was to spray it with a product called polyurea. Although this is a good product, it is expensive and needs to be painted afterwards. In the case of this swimming pool, the paint kept fading or peeling off, leaving the pool looking awful.

The reinforced pool membrane from Renolit’s AlkorPlan 2000 range is guaranteed to make the pool watertight and is designed and tested to cope with the pool chemicals. It is a smooth surface that needs little maintenance other than normal cleaning.

The installation of this swimming pool liner took our 3 man team around 15 hours to complete. Renovation of a swimming pool using our system is very quick with little mess and disruption.

The white swimming pool liner gives a beautiful blue turquoise colour of water.

White Pool Liner Gaucin

White Pool Liner Gaucin, Malaga, Installed in Cracked Pool

Reinforced Pool Liner

Reinforced Pool Liner, Leaking Pool, Gaucin, Malaga

Pool Membrane, Gaucin, Malaga

Pool Membrane, Gaucin, Malaga

Before Installation of Swimming Pool Liner

Before Installation of Swimming Pool Liner to reform pool Gaucin