A swimming pool with a very interesting shape. This was built by the owner of the house, he did not have much experience with swimming pools, or construction.

The pool has been built from blocks, with no reinforcing and typically, the structure has failed. Many attempts were made to repair the cracks using products like silicone, but non of this worked.

We installed a Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 reinforced pool liner, to leave the pool looking like new and with a 10 year warranty against leaks.

How to repair cracked pool

How to repair cracked pool? Spain

Cracked Pool, Malaga

Cracked Pool in need of repair, Malaga

Finished pool membrane

Finished pool membrane , La Viñuela, Malaga

Renolit Swimming Pool Liner, La Viñuela

Renolit Swimming Pool Liner, installed in a cracked leaking pool, La Viñuela, Malaga