Penthouse Atico fibreglass swimming pool renovation

This fibre glass plunge pool on the terrace of an atico (penthouse) apartment in Estepona was in very poor condition.

Prefabricated fibreglass swimming pools CAN NOT be tiled! The tiles just do not stay stuck as the fibreglass is constantly flexing, so the mosaic tiles just fall off. Standard adhesives do not stick well to fibreglass, as it can have paraffin in the gelcoat layer.

This fiber glass pool had been tiled by a builder, as the clients wanted to renovate it, as it was looking tired. It had suffered the usual fading and bubbling of the gel coat, it was stripped back and refinished, but only lasted a season. A builder suggested that he could tile the flexible prefabricated fibreglass pool. This was not a good idea, as you can see from the video. It looked good when first done, but the tiles started coming off after just a few weeks.

The solution here was to install the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 reinforced pool membrane in colour Carrara. This is a permanent renovation.

This penthouse atico swimming pool is now the pride of the terrace and will give the owners many years of stress free enjoyment.

We install swimming pool liners throughout mainland Spain and Portugal. We can install on the islands by request. Commercial, hotel and urbanisation swimming pool liners are no problem for our installation teams. Renovations to community pools can only normally be carried out in WINTER unless by prior arrangement.

We work almost exclusively with Renolit AlkorPlan, as it is the industry leader, but can also work with cefil pool, elbe blue line, flag pool


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