Cracked Swimming Pool Repaired with liner, Girona, nr Barcelona

This swimming pool is built on a sloping plot of land and it appears that some of the foundations were built on land that had been built up. As the ground settled, the foundations of the pool moved and the pool cracked.

This is quite a common problem. In this case the major movement happened a few years after the pool was built. The cracks in the pool are leaking, letting water run out into the ground around the pool. If this kind of leak is not stopped quickly, the results can be catastrophic. As the water trickles out it washes the earth away, which in turn aggravates the movement. As the pool moves more, the cracks can become bigger and so on. It is a vicious circle.

By installing a reinforced swimming pool liner or membrane from the Renolit AlkorPlan range, the pool is guaranteed to be free from structural leaks. By halting the pool leaks, the structure is unlikely to move more as there will be no water washing out the foundations. The pool also looks great, as the reinforced liner is a fantastic cosmetic finish and is used for fast renovations of both domestic and commercial pools.

This swimming pool uses the popular Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 liner in Persia Blue. This lining is the one that best emulates the original tiled finish. It’s pattern is carefully designed to disguise blemishes in the pool construction, such as the walls not being completely straight or plumb. With the liner, broken or missing tiles are a thing of the past.

We have a wide variety of colours and finishes available, even natural stone effect.

If your pool is in need of a cosmetic renovation or is suffering from cracks, leaks or other structural problems, contact us today to see what we can do for your pool.