Restoration Swimming Pool, Velez Rubio, Almeria

A recently <badly> built swimming pool in need of restoration. This swimming pool was plagued with problems from poor construction. Initial problems were rust spots showing through the microcement render. The constructor broke these areas out and patched them, making the pool look even worse. In some places the cement render (microcement) was failing.

The swimming pool was only finished 6 months ago, but the clients were just not happy with the finish. They chose micro-cement as they wanted a more natural look to the swimming pool, rather than the traditional Andalusian tiled finish.

The Renolit AlkorPlan is the perfect skin for all types of pools, eliminating many of these common problems. Initially the clients specified to use a sand coloured Renolit AlkorPlan liner, but in the end a dark grey was chosen. We think it was a good choice bearing in mind the surroundings.

In order to renew and upgrade this swimming pool using a reinforced pool lining, we start by exchanging the existing skimmers, lights, drains and jets for units compatible with the liner. Once these are in place, they are cemented in place. Any small blemishes in the pool structure are patched with cement based render.

Around the top of the pool wall, we attach what we term the top profile. This is a flat sheet of aluminium covered in thermoplastic. This is mechanically fixed with studs and also glued using sika-flex. The membrane is then fused to this using hot air welding. This method means that we do not have to lift the pool surround, reducing cost.

The material chosen for this swimming pool rejuvenation was the Dark Grey from the Renolit AlkorPlan 2000 Natural Pool Range, complimented by Renolit AlkorPlan Touch PRESTIGE. Touch Prestige is a grey stone effect which matched the dark grey main colour well, but also provides a non slip tread in a slightly contrasting colour, which is important for safety.