Desjoyaux swimming pool renovation and liner replacement, San Roque, Cadiz

Desjoyaux swimming pool systems are a French made prefabricated pool kit that uses panels bolted together, then filled with concrete to form the shell. The installations are quite fast. The filtration is quite an all in one system, as everything is self contained in a step that hangs from the side of the pool, there is no separate pump house.

The pools however do look cheap and prefabricated, especially when they get older, in this case the pool owner was badly advised by a builder to tile the pool, as the original installtion was looking tired. This created a couple of problems, one being that the tiles won’t stick to the plastic panels properly, as cement based glues don’t work well with plastic surfaces because of the oils in the plastic. The second more important issue is that the pool leaks! The structure was never designed to be waterproof, so if tiled on top of, it will leak.

The filtration unit was looking terrible. So we came up with an innovative solution to make the pool look as good as possible, in an economical manner. The owner wanted a traditional filter box dug into the corner of the terrace and jets plumbed installed in one end of the pool and a skimmer in the other. This would have meant huge works, digging up the terrace to pass pipes through etc.

Our solution was to install a filter skimmer and one jet with a purpose made pump. All of this equipment fits in the small box level with the pool surround. The filter unit is hidden in the base of the skimmer. The filtration is highly efficient, as the jet low down, near the floor of the pool forces the whole body of water to spin so very little hoovering of the pool is needed.

We also built a bench/step in the pool. Full steps all the way down were not possible, because they would have taken too much room from the pool.

The main colour of the pool is Persia Sand from the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 range, with TOUCH Sublime for the treads. The result is a pool that looks like it has been thought about, rather than a kit just put in place.

If you are considering works to your pool, the time to plan is now, so that everything can be done over the off season when you are not using the pool. That way any unexpected delays, from bad weather, transport strikes etc do not impact on the swimming season.

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