Community swimming pool leak repair and renovation, Estepona, on the Benahavis road.

This swimming pool in Monte Biarritz was in a terrible condition and did not hold water. The pool was cracked in several places and leaking. This was due to the very poor quality of concrete in the original build.

The pool was leaking so badly that for the previous summer, it was not allowed to be opened.

This is a pool that we first provided a quote for 4 years ago, at that time it had been leaking for years previously. It can take communities several years to make decisions. In this case, over the winter, builders looked at the pool and advised that the community again contact us for the installation of a liner. If you are asking for quotes for pool work for your community, when the project is presented to the committee budget for an extra 5%, because if it takes a year to make a decision, the original quote may no longer be valid and a new vote will have to take place.

The entire installation took our highly skilled team 3.5 days (approx 96 man hours). The swimming pool can be refilled immediately.

The finish here is Renolit AlkorPlan CERAMICS ATENEA. It is a reinforced PVC membrane 2mm thick, that is guaranteed to be waterproof.

The steps were built by the local handy man (not to our specifications).

We can’t stress enough that you need to plan your work well ahead of time. Although our installations are fast, there are only so many working weeks in a year. Then there are unforeseen delays. In the spring of 2022 we lost a full month to rain and several days because of the transport strikes, this means that swimming pool installations were also delayed by this amount of time. Do not put the work off! An enquiry arrived today (23/5/22) for the installation of a liner in a pool for a beach club that is due to open in 7 days time, these clients were horrified to discover that we had other commitments and wouldn’t be able to install a liner in their pool for at least a month!! Plan ahead!!

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