This swimming pool is very old, it has leaked for many years. The pool was built around 45 years ago and started to suffer from leaks through the concrete and the plumbing. The leak had started to become so bad that the pool had become almost impossible to maintain.

This house near Mijas and Fuengirola generates income for the owner, by being rented out for holidays, as the pool is one of the most important things for a villa holiday, it has to be right.

The leaks had been diagnosed, in both the return jets and the structure. As the owner had recently changed the terrace, it wasn’t really an option to dig it up again to repair pipes, when we could offer a simple solution and install new plumbing from inside the pool.

The deep blue “Blue Marble” pool liner, is an amazing transformation, the colour really suits the surroundings. We are sure that this swimming pool will make the rental of the house easier!

There will be peace of mind that the pool is no longer leaking, causing maintenance and water quality problems, as pools that are constantly being topped up never have balanced water. Added to this was the huge water bills associated with a leaking pool.

In total, this work took a team just 2 days, 1 day repairing the leaking pipes and another day to install the AlkorPlan liner.

Easy care pool, Malaga

Easy care pool, Malaga

Renolit AlkorPlan 3000

Renolit AlkorPlan 3000

Structural Pool Leak, Mijas

Structural Pool Leak, Mijas, Malaga, Spain

Renolit Pool Lining, Mijas

Leaking pool lined, Mijas, Malaga

Pool Leak Repaired, Fuengirola

Pool Leak Repaired, Fuengirola

Installers of Pool Liners, Malaga

Installers of Pool Liners, Malaga

Newly lined swimming pool, Fuengirola, Malaga

Newly lined swimming pool, Fuengirola, Malaga.

Marble pool liner

Marble pool liner. Deep blue Renolit liner

Detail of new jet pipe

Detail of new jet pipe for this leaking pool in Fuengirola

Leaking return replaced

Leaking return replaced. Pool leaked through the jets

preparing to install the liner

preparing to install the liner. The profile is being attached to the top of the wall at this point.