Renolit XTREME pool liner installation, La Alfoquia, nr Zurgena, Almeria

This is the new liner from Renolit, designed to have an even longer life than the already excellent AlkorPlan 2000 and 3000 range.

The XTREME range is more suited to commercial applications, where the chemical dosing is higher because of the increased bathing load. In this case the colour is Fresh Blue, which gives the pool a bright, fresh, modern look. The steps have been covered in a non slip material for safety.

As with all Renolit AlkorPlan liners that we supply, this is a double layer, reinforced with polymer fibres, guaranteeing that your pool will not leak.

This pool in the village of La Alfoquia near Zurgena in Almeria is a typical swimming pool liner installation. The original liner as supplied with the kit was leaking through splits. The liners supplied with the kits are very thin “bag liners”, they have no reinforcing, nor lacquer treatment to protect against chemical and sun damage.

The installation of the liner here took 1.5 days and the swimming pool can be refilled immediately, there is no drying time and no mess to clean up after the work.

Our range of Renolit AlkorPlan liners can be used for all types of swimming pools. Pools that are cracked or the structures are leaking, or, as in this case, used to replace the low quality kit liner and renovate the pool.

If you would like a quote for replacing your swimming pool liner, contact us today. It only takes a couple of minutes to give us the information we need to send you a quote and information. We install Renolit AlkorPlan liners throughout mainland Spain and Portugal

Renolit Liner, Almeria

Installation of Renolit XTREME pool lining, Ameria, Spain

Welding swimming pool liner

Installation of swimming pool liner nr Albox

Bright blue pool liner

Fresh Blue Renolit XTREME pool liner

Almeria pool lining

A replacement pool liner in Zurgena

Lining a swimming pool

Almeria pool specialists

For plain coloured liners, we can also supply self adhesive pool borders, so that you can customise your swimming pool. These are for DIY installation and really give a pool a personal touch.