Renovation & Structural Repair of Leaking Pool, Alfontes, Boliqueime, Algarve.

This stunning villa near Faro on the Algarve has had nothing but problems with it’s swimming pool. The skimmers in the pool were thought to be a problem, so another company badly changed them. Then the biggest problem was found, the pool had cracked vertically across the middle.

Once a pool has broken in this way, repairs are virtually impossible. This pool is 14m long and 2.5m deep, so as you can imagine, the forces acting on the structure are immense. If the structure failed in one place, it has created a weakness. A reinforced swimming pool liner is the logical choice.

Previous “professionals” tried repairing the concrete pool walls with mastic. Another put patches of waterproof cement over the repairs.. All these repairs are not successful and leave the homeowner more and more frustrated, paying for things that just do not stop the leaks. The swimming pool looks a mess, being patched up. Don’t forget the cost of the water constantly filling the pool.

In this case we removed the pool cover as it doesn’t work and the people do not use the pool in winter.

The next step was to replace the skimmers, jets, lights and drain to make them compatible with the liner.

The liner is reinforced with polymer fibres and is the perfect solution to waterproofing a flawed, leaking pool. It is manufacturer guaranteed to be waterproof.

The pool looks like new and the owner has peace of mind that the pool will not leak again.

We install reinforced swimming pool liners all over Spain and Portugal, so if your pool needs to be quickly renovated or properly repaired, do not hesitate to contact us.