Another example of a beautifully transformed pool in Arboleas, nr Albox in Alméria, Southern Spain.

The original structure was very poorly built and had a lot of cracks. The pool was loosing water through the cracks at an alarming rate. It is doubtful whether the structure of the pool was even waterproof.

The pool had been tiled twice to try and stop the leaks, but putting tiles on top of tiles with no waterproofing is futile. Even if some type of waterproof render, such as Sika top had been used, the structure would still have failed as the cracks would continue to move. Repairing the cracks would have been impossible, as the walls of the pool would not have had enough strength to repair as the blocks were all hollow.

The original tiles were all stripped off. This is not necessary for a liner installation, as the walls need to be made flat afterwards. In this case the owner made the decision to remove the tiles as he wanted to see how bad the structural problems were.

The old pool surround was also looking quite tired, so this was removed. There were steps in the pool, but they took up a lot of room, so were also removed, not a problem as the pool is only 1.2m deep.

The first thing we did here was to make the walls and floor smooth, then we installed the fittings. The liner is then welded into place from rolls of Renolit AlkorPlan 3000. This colour was Persia Sand.

We finished the job off by installing new capping stones for the surround of the pool. The pool looks stunning and the whole project only took 3 1/2 days.

The Renolit AlkorPlan liner has a 10 year warranty against leaks, so if you have been having pool problems, contact us for a no obligation quote.

Pool Liner, Arboleas

Pool Liner Installation, Arboleas, Alméria, Spain.

Swimming Pool Renovation, Almeria

Swimming Pool Renovation, Almeria. Poorly built leaking pool in need of repair

Pool walls, Arboleas nr Albox

Pool walls, Arboleas nr Albox. Tiles removed to assess leak

Cracked leaking pool, Arboleas

Cracked leaking pool, Arboleas. Pool walls hollow. In need of repairs and renovation

Swimming pool steps removed

Swimming pool steps removed to reveal hollow blocks in this leaking pool

Swimming pool, pre reform

Swimming pool, pre reform, Arboleas, nr Albox & Zurgena

Renolit AlkorPlan Persia Sand

Renolit AlkorPlan Persia Sand pool liner installed in Alméria, Andalucia, Spain

Renolit AlkorPlan 3000

Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 reinforced swimming pool membrane

Swimming Pool Renovation & Repair

Swimming Pool Renovation & Repair in Arboleas, Albox and Zurgena, Alméria

Finished Pool reform, Andalucia

Finished Pool reform, Andalucia.