Competa, Malaga, prefabricated fibreglass swimming pool renovation

Installing a Renolit Alkorplan swimming pool liner in a prefabricated fiberglass pool amidst the serene landscape of Competa, Malaga, is a meticulous yet rewarding process that ensures a durable and aesthetically pleasing pool surface.

This fibre glass pool was starting to show its age, with discoloration and flaking.

The first step in this endeavor is meticulous preparation. The existing pool surface is inspected thoroughly to ensure it’s clean, smooth, and free from any imperfections. Any debris, old liners, or residues are removed meticulously to guarantee a flawless foundation for the new liner.

The Renolit Alkorplan liner is tailored precisely to fit the pool’s contours, leaving no room for error. Each curve, slope, and depth is accounted for to create a bespoke liner, which is welded into place onsite.

Before installation, the Renolit Alkorplan liner is cut and shaped according to the exact measurements acquired earlier. The liner, known for its durability and resistance to chemicals and UV rays, is positioned meticulously within the pool, ensuring a snug and seamless fit. Careful attention is paid to eliminate any wrinkles, air bubbles, or creases that could compromise the final finish.

A specialized welding technique, often using hot air guns, is employed to fuse the seams of the liner together. This process requires skill and precision to ensure watertight seals and a seamless appearance. The welding process reinforces the liner’s durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of frequent use while maintaining its integrity.

Once the liner is securely in place, the pool is slowly filled with water, allowing the liner to settle and conform perfectly to the pool’s shape. This step is crucial in ensuring a smooth, wrinkle-free finish.

The completion of the installation marks the transformation of the pool, not only enhancing its visual appeal but also ensuring a durable, low-maintenance surface. The Renolit Alkorplan liner, known for its longevity and resilience, promises years of enjoyment against the stunning backdrop of Competa, Malaga—a testament to quality craftsmanship and meticulous installation techniques.

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