Leaking swimming pool repair and refurbishment, Calasparra, Murcia, refurbished using RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced pool liner.

This swimming pool was badly built and had leaks from both the structure and the plumbing lines. The owner had had the plumbing lines tested, so knew that the pipes for the skimmers, jets, hoover socket and drain were all good.

Our part of the project was to stop the structure of the pool leaking in a way that was guaranteed. To do this, we installed the fantastic Renolit AlkorPlan Persia Sand liner, with non slip steps. The liner is both the waterproofing and cosmetic finish of the pool. It is manufacturer guaranteed for 10 years against leaks, giving the homeowner peace of mind that the problem is solved.

The first part of the process is to change or modify the accessories in the pool to be liner compatible. Skimmers are adapted using a patented Renolit manufactured part, all other fittings are substituted. This work is done from inside the pool, minimising disruption.

After this, the alkormetal profile is installed. This is an aluminium plate that is the top fixing for the liner. It is not visible once the installation is completed. The aluminium plate is covered in thermoplastic, the liner is then heat welded to it.

The Renolit AlkorPlan reinforced swimming pool membrane is so thick that it is supplied on rolls, then heat welded onsite.

If you are planning works to your swimming pool, the time to plan is when you are not using the pool, in the autumn and winter, not start planning a few weeks before you want to use the pool!

We install swimming pool liners throughout Southern Spain and Portugal, to renovate and repair existing pools and install replacement swimming pool liners.

Contact us today to see how we can have your pool looking its best.

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