Complete renovation and waterproofing, leaking pool, Marbella

A beautiful swimming pool, hiding an ugly secret in Marbella. This swimming pool was originally built in the 1980s to fit seamlessly with the design of the house, flowing down the hill. Unfortunately the pool started to have some structural problems causing a leak.
As the swimming pool is built on a steep slope, the ground movement caused subsidence, resulting in a crack across the width of the pool.
Some remedial work had been done to support the far side of the pool, but the structure of the swimming pool continued to leak. This had to be resolved quickly, or the water running under the pool structure would aggravate the problem potentially causing much bigger movement.

We installed the Renolit Alkorplan VINTAGE reinforced swimming pool liner. With its 3 layers of laminate, strengthened by a polyester mesh, it remains permanently flexible and guaranteed not to leak. It is the perfect solution for this type of problem and also the most economic way to repair the pool.

The pool looks amazing. With Vintages beautiful tones, the water is a very inviting colour.
If your pool is looking tired, leaking or has structural issues, contact us today for a no obligation pool liner quote and information pack.

The best time to repair a pool is when you are not using it, not 2 weeks before the guests arrive. The installation of our reinforced swimming pool liners is quick, this project took 4 days, but there are only so many working days in a year and we have to allow for unforeseen delays such as rain, so plan in advance.

Liner installation, Marbella

Pool Liner, Cracked pool, Marbella

Renolit Vintage

Leaking pool repairs, Marbella

Swimming pool liner installers

Pool renovation, Marbella

Renolit AlkorPlan

Renolit, Malaga

Swimming pool refurbishment, Marbella

Swimming pool refurbishment, Marbella

Leaking pool, cracked, Marbella

Here we show a video of the pool liner installation process