Vilamoura, Algarve, RENOLIT TOUCH PRESTIGE pool liner replacement

A stunning replacement swimming pool liner in Southern Portugal. The original liner was installed in 1996, as the structure of the pool had cracked. The liner was starting to look tired and some of the fittings were broken. We removed the old liner, replaced the broken jets and lights, then installed the new reinforced liner.

This grey stone effect gives an amazing colour of water. We often get asked why the colour of the water is blue, even if the chosen finish is grey, brown, sand colour etc.. It is much like looking out to sea, the sea is always some kind of blue/green colour, no matter what colour the sand or rock below is. The colour is also darker depending on the depth of the pool.

The Renolit TOUCH range emulates the beauty of natural stone, but also guaranteeing that the pool structure is waterproof.

Our installations are fast, but with all outdoor work, then can be unforeseen delays, so ensure that you plan your swimming pool work for when you are NOT using the pool, not when you are thinking about using it. Start planning in September.

We install between 80 and 90 swimming pools per year, there are only so many working days in a year, factor in unexpected bad weather and there can be a an impact on lead times.

Reinforced swimming pool liners come in an amazing choice of finishes, to give your swimming pool a unique look. Reinforced liners are nothing like the traditional thin bag liners. Our swimming pool liners are made from a 1.5mm or 2mm thick polyester reinforced membrane, which is virtually impossible to rip or tear. They are the perfect solution for renovating a tired pool or repairing one that is leaking through the structure. The liner is guaranteed leak free for 10 years, giving huge peace of mind for the home owner.


Our fantastic liners can be fitted into virtually any type or shape of swimming pool, tiled pools, fibreglass pools, painted pools and permanently solve the problem of leaking pools… Reinforced liners can be fitted into swimming pools that were originally supplied with a bag liner.


A reinforced swimming pool liner makes looking after your swimming pool easier, the smooth nature of the liner makes cleaning easier. No more re-grouting and no sharp or missing mosaic tiles. are Renolit qualified and official installers. Contact us today for a no obligation quote and information pack and see how we can transform your pool, or browse our website, where we have hundreds of examples of completed swimming pools and many videos of complete installations.