Algarve Cracked Leaking Swimming Pool Repair and Refurbishment

An old swimming pool in the Faro district of Portugal, that had become a headache for the homeowner. The pool started leaking several years ago, but steadily got worse (as swimming pool leaks always do). After investigating the usual suspects of leaking pipes, such as the skimmer and jets, it was discovered that the pool had cracked and that it was the structure of the pool that was leaking.

Once the pool was drained, the extent of the problem was clear, there were cracks in every wall of the pool, some bigger than others.

The causes of this cracking are unclear without significant and costly investigation, but normally the causes are poor ground preparation, leaks from pipes left unrepaired or poor initial construction. Sometimes the cracks can be caused from earthquakes. In this particular case it is probably poor construction, as the pool is cracked in several places. It is a large pool, so perhaps the slab it is built on was not sufficiently thick, or the specification of the steel in the concrete was not correct.

What are the choices for a lasting repair? There really only are 2 choices, one is to build a new concrete pool inside the existing structure, which is massive cost, considering the pool is 12m x 6m. Or the sensible choice is to install a reinforced PVC pool membrane from Renolit, a product that has been on the market since the late 1960’s. Originally developed in the early 60’s for civil engineering, waterproofing lakes, tunnels and large factory roofs, it was adapted for use in commercial swimming pools.

Adapting the Renolit AlkorPlan system meant extensive testing to ensure compatibility with pool chemicals. UV and waterproof qualities were already known. Once proven for commercial swimming pools, the system became the default choice for domestic pool construction in northern Europe, where pools can freeze and tiles are not suitable.

The Renolit AlkorPlan family of reinforced swimming pool liners are nothing like the thin plastic bag liners on cheap kit pools. They are in thicknesses of 1.5mm or 2.0mm. It is a permanent and long lasting solution. It remains flexible and the polyester fibres inside the material guarantee its strength.

The Renolit AlkorPlan range is 2000 (solid colours), 3000 (stamped patterns), CERAMICS (2.0mm with tiled texture), TOUCH (2.0mm natural stone), VOGUE (2.0mm textured) and then there are speciality liners, such as XTREME for water parks and very heavy use and Natural Pool for ponds and natural filtration pools.

This project took our highly skilled team 3 long days, around 110 man hours.

If you need this type of project carried out, do not delay, plan ahead. The best time to renovate the pool is when the guests are not using it, not 3 weeks before they arrive! Our installations are quick, but there are only so many working days in a year, with delays because of rain etc.

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