Painted swimming pool renovation and refurbishment

Old swimming pools that were originally painted, like this one in La Linea, Cadiz, require maintenance every year or so. The pool has to be drained and repainted nearly every season. The repeated painting of the pool results in the surfaces starting to flake. In this case the swimming pool filter was blocked with paint flakes and the sand had to be changed.

This continuos maintenance to keep the pool looking nice is costly in terms of the amount of water used and costly because of the labour needed every time to repaint.

To renovate or reform a painted swimming pool, there are really only 2 options.

Pool Tiling

The first is tiling. In order to tile with glass mosaic tiles, the pool must be sandblasted in order to remove all the old paint. This creates a huge amount of mess and other problems.

Once the paint has been sand blasted, the render below can be damaged, requiring remedial work to repair. The other problem that is often overlooked (and often missed to cut costs), is that the paint was actually sealing the structure, it is imperative that the structure is treated with a waterproofing layer before tiling, or it will most likely leak.

Painted pools were often built cheaply in the first place or were originally water deposits (hence the choice of paint as the finish). When a pool was built in an economic way, probably not using reinforced concrete, it is impossible to tell how well it was built, so it is difficult to know if it will have structural problems in the future.

All of these processes are costly and messy, probably taking a couple of weeks start to finish.

Installation of a Renolit ALKORPLAN Membrane

The Renolit AlkorPlan reinforced laminate can be installed directly over the painted surface with minimal preparation. There is no mess and the average domestic pool can be finished in just 2 days, and can be refilled immediately.

It is also the only renovation method GUARANTEED not to leak.

This swimming pool now looks stunning, finished in Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 Persia Blue, our most popular laminate.

If you want your painted swimming pool to look like new and enjoy all the benefits of a low maintenance leak free finish, contact us today!

Don’t leave your swimming pool renovation project to the last minute. Although installations are quick, they are best planned for over the winter season, not 2 weeks before you want to use the pool again!