Painted Swimming Pool Refurbishment, Coin, Malaga

This is a lovely little pool in a campo house in Coin. The pool is very old and has been painted several times. It was time for renovation.

In this case the pool was not leaking. We fitted a new jet pipe as the original was not suitable.

The refurbishment of a painted pool by traditional methods can be tricky, especially if a proper job is going to be done. In order to tile a pool like this, it would need to be sand blasted to remove all the existing paint, or the tiles won’t stick properly. This creates a couple of problems that the inexperienced may not realise. The most important is that in many old pools built to be painted, the paint actually seals the structure,providing the waterproofing. We have had to repair many pools where a builder has blasted and then tiled the pool, without considering the waterproofing, once the pools were finished, they leaked. Another problem is that the sand blasting can damage the render to a point where the pool has to be totally rendered again, before any more work can be done. The sand blasting is also messy.

Once the sand blasting is complete, it can often reveal problem areas such as cracks that have been covered over.

Removing the paint, sealing the structure with a waterproof render, tiling and grouting is a long and messy process, whereas the Renolit liner system can be finished in a couple of days.

In this pool we built new steps, as the others were very narrow. We lined the pool using Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 Marble blue, with Renolit Touch Sublime treads on the steps. The result of this quick swimming pool renovation is quite amazing.

The Renolit AlkorPlan is the only guaranteed solution to renovating a pool. If your pool is in need of renovation, contact us today for a no obligation quote.