Renolit Persia Sand Swimming Pool Refurbishment, Ronda, Malaga

This beautiful pool has been renovated using the technically advanced reinforced pool membrane from Renolit. The finish chosen is from the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 range, Colour Persia Sand.

The choice of a sand coloured liner here was perfect. The sandy tones perfectly compliment the surroundings, yet give an inviting turquoise coloured water.

This pool needed refurbishment badly. The basic structure was originally a water deposit for the farm land around. In the late 60’s it was first converted into a swimming pool and some of the surrounding structure was built.

Later on the swimming pool was rendered, the surround added and then the pool was painted blue. This pool started to leak, so more concrete was added and the pool was tiled. This was estimated to have been done in the early 80’s. At this time the rest of the courtyard was built.

The pool suffered from leaks from the structure and leaks from the pipes. There were various repairs done, but nothing permanent.

We installed the Renolit AlkorPlan liner, to both renovate and stop the pool leaking. We installed new pipe work for the jets, hidden inside the structure of the pool.

The final touch was to add 2 LED par56 pool lights. The effect at night is amazing.

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