Installation of Liner, leaking pool, Zurgena, Almeria

This is a typical example of a client having to do work 3 times. The client bought the house, which had a liner pool installed. As the house had been empty for several years, everything was in poor condition including the pool.

Local builders suggested tiling the pool, which is where the problems started. The structure of a liner swimming pool is NOT waterproof, or designed to hold the weight of water alone.

Liner pool structures are made from either steel panels bolted together, or low density concrete blocks with no reinforcing. Once the liner is installed over the top of these, it waterproofs the structure and allows for movement in the underlying structure.

Clearly tiling over a structure like this would never be waterproof, once the pool was filled, it leaked. A lot.

Another company was called in, they advised that all the plumbing needed to be changed. They dug all the terraces up and replaced all the pipes, but the pool still leaked as it was structural.

A third company looked at the pool and found cracks where the steps met the structure. They removed this and made the pool wall straight, but the pool still leaked.

All of this work and expense was unnecessary. All the pool needed was a replacement liner. If your pool has a liner fitted, it is because it needs it to be waterproof. You can not tile a liner pool. Conversely, you can install a liner in any type of pool and be assured that the pool structure will be waterproof and looking fantastic.

No that we have installed the Renolit AlkorPlan liner, the client can be assured that the pool is now waterproof and no further work is needed.

Cracked pool repair, Zurgena

Cracked pool repair, with pool liner, Zurgena, nr Albox, Almeria.

Pool refurbishment and leak repair

Pool refurbishment and leak repair using pool liner, Almeria

Pool liner installation, Zurgena

Pool liner installation, Zurgena, nr Arboleas, Almeria

Swimming pool liners, Zurgena

Swimming pool liners, Zurgena, Almeria


The client also chose to install a BorderChoice self adhesive pool border as the finishing touch.