Cracked swimming pool renovation and repair, Mijas

An old swimming pool with several leaks. As you can see from the photos and video, the pool had several cracks running through the structure. There had been several repairs attempted, you can see in the photos that there are patches of different colour tiles. This is where the cracks were “repaired”. Repairing cracks in a pool structure is rarely successful, as the forces involved with the weight of the water are enormous. The crack repair has to be equally as strong as the rest of the structure, which is not always possible. If the repair is strong enough, the structure often cracks in the next weakest place. Repairing the crack does not solve the issue of underlying structural problems or the ground moving.

The last of which was trying to fill the cracks with silicone. Non of these repairs were successful and they look a mess. This pool was left with patches of different colour tiles, silicone lines and the water was impossible to keep clean.

We found other problems in this pool when we started works. The pool was originally painted. The floor in the deep end of the pool had been raised, but the new pipe connection was only sealed with waterproof cement. It was not glued together as it should have been. For a pool without further problems, we decided it was best to eliminate this pipe.

Complete Persia blue #renolit swimming pool liner installation. Mijas, Málaga.#relyonit

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Cracked Pool Repairs, Mijas

Cracked and leaking Pool Repairs, Mijas

Renolit AlkorPlan, Mijas

Renolit AlkorPlan swimming pool liner, Mijas

Swimming pool leak repair, Mijas

Swimming pool leak repair, Mijas

Pool reform, Mijas

Pool reform, Mijas

Renolit Renovated Pool

Renolit Renovated Pool, Mijas, Malaga

Pool reform, Mijas

Pool reform, Mijas

Swimming pool structural repairs

Swimming pool structural repairs, Mijas, Spain

Swimming Pool Liner, Mijas

Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 Persia Blue Swimming Pool Liner, Mijas

The installation of the Renolit AlkorPlan pool liner ensures that the pool will be leak free. It also looks fantastic.

If you want your pool to look great and work properly, then contact us today!

Pool liner quote

We install swimming pool liners throughout mainland Spain and Portugal. We can install on the islands by request. Commercial, hotel and urbanisation swimming pool liners are no problem for our installation teams. Renovations to Urbanizacion pools can only normally be carried out in WINTER unless by prior arrangement.

We work almost exclusively with Renolit AlkorPlan, as it is the industry leader, but can also work with cefil pool, elbe blue line, flag pool


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