Swimming pool renovation and liner install, Manilva, Malaga

A complete cosmetic renovation of a swimming pool in Manilva, near Estepona in Malaga.

This is a stunning transformation of a swimming pool using Renolit Touch Authentic. The Touch liner from the AlkorPlan range perfectly matches the tones of the terrace around the house, complimenting it perfectly.

As part of the swimming pool renovation, we install new jets, drain, lights and and skimmers where applicable.

The reinforced pool liner is welded using hot air. This fuses the membrane guaranteeing a watertight seal.

This project took 22 hours.

Renolit Touch Authentic

Renolit Touch Authentic, Manilva, Malaga

Swimming pool reform, Malaga

Swimming pool reform, Manilva, Malaga

Swimming pool reformation with liner

Swimming pool reformation, Manilva

Renolit AlkorPlan Touch Authentic

Renolit Touch Authentic

Natural pool, Malaga

Natural swimming pool, Malaga

Renolit Touch Authentic, Estepona

Renolit Touch Authentic, Estepona, Malaga

Pool renovation company, Malaga

Pool renovation company, Malaga

Pool liner installations, Spain

Pool liner installed, Malaga, Spain

If you are considering a swimming pool renovation project of your own, get in contact with us today, so that the work can be planned over the winter season when the pool is not in use. This limits disruption and ensures that the pool is ready when your guests arrive.