Leaking & Cracked pool repair & lining, Alozaina, Malaga. Video

A typical case of a poorly built pool on poorly prepared ground, causing the pool to leak through vertical cracks in the structure.

Local pool companies had diagnosed the leaks from the cracks in the structure, but their solution was to build a new pool inside the existing structure. The clients wanted another approach with guaranteed results, so they contacted us.

Building a new pool inside an existing structure is a perfectly acceptable method, but has several disadvantages in comparison to the installation of a liner.

  1. Cost. Construction of a new pool inside the other is approximately 3 times the cost of a reinforced swimming pool membrane.
  2. Time. We can install in approximately 2 days for a pool this size, compared to around 3 weeks for construction.
  3. Mess. In 2 days, we can’t really make that much mess. The only noisy or messy part is when we change the fittings to be liner compatible. This normally takes about 4 hours.
  4. Pool size. A new pool will be between 400-450mm smaller in both length and width and 200mm shallower than the original, due to the amount of concrete needed.
  5. The liner is guaranteed by a multinational company. Who guarantees the new pool structure?

Other advantages of the swimming pool liner are that it is easier to care for than traditional pool surfaces. It is nicer to walk on, with no sharp edges compared to glass mosaic tiles.

Installation of liner, cracked pool. Renolit AlkorPlan, Alozaina, Malaga

Installation of liner, cracked pool. Renolit AlkorPlan

Cracked pool repair and renovation

Cracked pool repair and renovation, Alozaina, Malaga, Spain

New renovated leaking pool, Alozaina

New renovated leaking pool, Alozaina. Cracked pool repaired with reinforced pool lining

Leaking pool structure repairs

Leaking pool structure repairs. Renolit AlkorPlan, guaranteed repair

Swimming pool reform, Alozaina, Malaga

Swimming pool reform, leaking pool, Alozaina, Malaga

Swimming pool renovation and reform

Swimming pool renovation and reform, Malaga

The reinforced Renolit pool liner is reinforced with polyester fibres, remaining permanently flexible. Technical specifications state that it will tolerate 3% stretch per metre. That means a crack can open 3cm in a 1m section before causing a problem. This is a crack big enough to put your hand through!

If your pool is leaking, or just needs to look fantastic, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. We work throughout Mainland Spain and Portugal

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