Cracked community pool works, Denia, Alicante

This community pool was built 8 years ago, but leaked from the start. The list of problems the pool had is quite extensive.

The pool is cracked in at least 4 places on the walls. Each of these cracks were a substantial pool leak. In some places, the cracks ran through the light buckets, as can be seen in the photos. Several attempts at repair were made by the constructor, but none of these repairs were successful, as the concrete is just not strong enough.

There is also a crack running up the centre of the pool, this is due the the 110mm drain pipe running through the middle of the pool, weakening the structure at a critical point. Normally the drain pipe would exit to one side of the pool or to the closest wall.

The installation of the Renolit AlkorPlan reinforced liner will ensure that the pool structure will not leak any more. It took a total of 6 days to finish the installation, a pool this size would normally be faster, but the columns separating the deep end and shallow end added an extra complication.

Renolit AlkorPlan reinforced pool liners guarantee waterproofing, as the liner is 3 layers of material, 2 waterproofing layers with polyester mesh bonded in between. For added durability, the liner is coated in lacquer to protect it from chemicals.

The shallow end of the pool has had the floor completely covered with non slip material as it is so shallow.

This design of liner is the popular and versatile Persia Blue, from the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 range.

We have extensive experience with lining of hotel and community swimming pools throughout Spain and Portugal.

If your community pool requires work because it is leaking, please get in contact. It is very important to note that it takes a long time for the community to come to a decision and arrange funding, which makes the process take longer, but in addition, we will only normally install for communities over the winter months.

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