Renolit Ceramics Etna, Benalmadena, Malaga

This is an installation of Renolit’s new Ceramics Etna liner from the AlkorPlan range. For the treads on the steps, we used Renolit AlkorPlan Touch Prestige, to match the terrace.

This stunning villa renovation in Benalmadena hit problems when the pool was found to be leaking. The plumbing was tested and all found to be good, leaving the only options to be a structural problem.

After a careful study of the problem, it was found that the height of the pool had been raised up and the tiles had been put over the old surround, meaning that there was a horizontal area all the way around the pool where there was a leak.

This water from the leaking pool was making the adjoining apartment damp.

When a pool has structural leaks, it is a loosing battle trying to repair the concrete structure, which was why in this case, the architects specified that a Renolit pool liner was the only solution, with a 10 year warranty.

In keeping with the style of the villa, the owner chose the Etna pool liner, as it’s grey-black tile look fits in well with the decor of the villa. The Etna liner is a new product and this owners pool is sure to stun visitors.

At the time of installing this ETNA Ceramics liner, it was only the 3rd in Spain and the 5th installation in Europe.

When we demonstrate samples to clients, it is often hard to describe how the water will look. The safe choice is a blue colour, as that is what we expect a pool to be, but this dark grey liner still gives a beautiful blue colour. However, just looking at the sample, it looks a bit ugly! If you think about the colour of the sea, it is always some type of blue, no matter what colour the rocks or sand below are. The swimming pool finish is the same. A darker colour of liner and deeper depth of water will give a darker blue water colour. A lighter liner and less depth a brighter blue. A white liner will give blue water, as will a black one.

Renolit Ceramics ETNA, Benalmadena

Renolit Ceramics ETNA reinforced pool lining

Grey tile effect pool liner. ETNA range

Grey tile effect pool liner, Renolit Ceramics ETNA

Renolit AlkorPlan pool lining, Benalmadena

Renolit AlkorPlan pool lining, Malaga. ETNA Ceramics

Cracked pool repair, Benalmadena

Leaking cracked pool Benalmadena. Repaired using reinforced liner

Pool Renovation, Benalmadena, Malaga.

Pool Renovation, or leaking cracked pool, Benalmadena, Malaga

Swimming pool, Spain

Swimming pool repair, Spain. Renolit pool liner specialists

A pool renovation with a Renolit liner is a quick process, but there can always be unexpected problems, which is why we suggest that you plan your pool renovation over the winter and not 2 weeks before the guests arrive! This gives time for problems to be solved.

For a quote for your swimming pool renovation, simply fill in our contact page form and we can normally respond with a price within a couple of hours.


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