Waterair pools are supplied from the factory with a very thin kit liner.

The WaterAir Pool system is a kit pool, comprising a concrete base (with no reinforcing). Then the walls are made from corrugated steel.

They were no specified because of budget, the very thin liner that is supplied with it does not have the durability of a reinforced pool membrane. The other compromise that has to be made, is that the pool liner from the kit has to be able to be moved by a couple of people to get it into place.

The reinforced membrane is so thick that the rolls of the AlkorPlan liner need at least 2 people to move them.

With this pool in Villanueva del Trabuco, we replaced the rotten kit liner with a reinforced membrane. This will give the pool many many years of trouble free service.

Normally we would cover the steps of the pool with the liner as well to avoid problems with leaks, however in this case, the pool has all its filtration and jacuzzi steps, which means that it is not possible.

In this pool, the client specified Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 in Blue Marble. In this case, we also changed the geotextile membrane on the floor.