A perfect little swimming pool, forming part of the terrace of the house.

The swimming pool was constructed in the late 1980’s, but the concrete was not sufficiently reinforced and it suffered cracking throughout the floor and in the walls.

After many different repairs not working, such as stapling the cracks, epoxy injection, attempts at sealing with a type of mastic, the owners were left with no option other than to either reconstruct the pool from scratch, or install a liner.

Clearly, installing a pool liner is a much more cost effective solution than building a new pool.

Finally the pool has the optimum finish, the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 reinforced liner, made to last and will guarantee that the pool remains waterproof for 10 years.

The Persia Sand liner choice perfectly suits the surroundings.

If your pool has structural problems or needs a new liner, it is best to plan the work in the off season. Even though the work only takes 1 to 2 days, there is still planning needed to arrange the installation. Repairs to the pool after summer can be scheduled with no rush, deadlines and less stress for our installation teams. Clients tend to leave repairs to the last minute and it is not always possible for us to fit in with the desired dates, or there can be unexpected delays in receiving materials and so on.

Liner, Persia Sand

Liner, Persia Sand, Benalmadena, Spain.

Finished swimming pool lining

Finished swimming pool lining, Benalmadena, Malaga

Swimming Pool Liner

Swimming Pool Liner, before filling with water

Swimming Pool Spain

Swimming Pool Spain, repaired

Cracked pool floor, Benalmadena

Cracked pool floor, Benalmadena. Structural pool problem

Cracked pool, leaking

Cracked pool, leaking, Benalmadena

Pool in need repair, Benalmadena

Pool in need repair, Benalmadena. Cracked and leaking

Repair to cracked pool

Repair to cracked pool. leak through structure