A stunning hotel in the old town of Ronda. The hotel is in a converted church, which has been beautifully renovated. This swimming pool was leaking into the basement below, preventing the hotel from being issued its license. The architect, Sergio Valadez, specified our liner to ensure the optimum waterproofing.

We are able to give full technical specifications for architects, or planning purposes.

The pool was leaking throughout the structure, as it had been built from blocks, with insufficient reinforcing. As the structure moved with the changes in temperature, it caused the pool to leak.

This pool is lined with “Persia Sand”, for the steps and the overflow, we used “Touch Sand”, a textured liner that emulates natural stone. The colour of the liner works so well with the style and colours of the building and surroundings.

Renolit, the manufacturers of the pool liner, liked the pool so much, it is featured in the catalogues worldwide.

Hotel Pool Liner

Swimming Pool Liner in a Hotel, Ronda

Pool Waterproofing

Reinforced Membrane, in Persia Sand


Liner being Installed

Progress photo