A cracked swimming pool structure is the worst kind of leak to have. The scenario is normally that the pool has not been built very well, on earth that was not prepared properly. As the ground settles, the concrete cracks.

What does the home owner do? Normally something along the lines of, drain the water out, break out the cracks and either fill with some sort of sealant, staples etc.. Yes, it works for a few months, the repairs normally look horrible because it is a patch. Then the ground moves again or the repair rots. By this time the owner has paid for the water to refill the pool, paid for an unsuccessful repair and is face with doing the same again year after year. Each time, the pool looking worse.

Lining the pool is a permanent solution for a cracked, leaking swimming pool. It is the ONLY  solution backed with a 10 year warranty from a multinational company.

We install all over Spain and Portugal.

This swimming pool in Fuengirola, Malaga had had so many repairs, that in the end they didn’t even bother to put the tiles back. The pool is 15m x 4m and nearly 3m deep.t1

Persia Blue, Fuengirola

Finished Persia Blue reinforced swimming pool liner

Pool so big, it fits another inside!

Pool so big, it fits another inside!

Cracked Pool Malaga

Structurally cracked, Leaking Pool

Persia Blue Liner at Night

Persia Blue pool at night, with white LED lights