Pool liner installed in a swimming pool in Faro area of Portugal. The swimming pool was loosing water through structural problems. The liner installation guarantees that the pool will be leak free! We install all over Spain and Portugal.img_1817 img_1818 img_1819 img_1820 img_1821 img-20161207-wa0006_1481125217863 img-20161207-wa0007_1481125217062 img-20161207-wa0008_1481125217273 img-20161207-wa0009_1481125217459 img-20161207-wa0010_1481125217672 img-20161207-wa0011_1481125216881 img-20161207-wa0012_1481125216781 img-20161207-wa0013_1481125216660

Persia Blue Liner

Persia blue liner installed in Aljezur Portugal