Renolit AlkorPlan liner installation. Wood pools are prefabricated swimming pool kits that are a good choice for places where an above ground pool is the most sensible option. They are not normally used in the very hot and dry parts of Southern Spain, such as in Malaga, but further north, where the temperatures are a bit lower and the climate a bit more humid, they are more common.

The wooden walls are made from high quality, pressure treated timber, designed for use outdoors. The timbers are normally around 40mm thick to support the weight of the water inside the swimming pool.

As with most kit pools, the liner supplied is a very thin “bag” liner, which comes as a ready made liner from the factory. They are hard to install and they are prone to wrinkling. They also do not have the durability and strength of a reinforced liner and need changing. Most homeowners opt for a Renolit AlkorPlan liner, as it is guaranteed to be watertight and looks superior in every way.

A Renolit liner is treated with lacquer to protect its looks further.

With this wooden pool in Tibi, Alicante, we changed the liner to Persia Blue, installed a new skimmer to replace the broken one and left the pool looking like new. If you want to renovate your pool, contact us today to see how we can transform yours.

Wood Pool, Alicante

Wood Pool, Alicante. Above ground pool requiring new liner

Prefab Above Ground Pool, Alicante

Prefab Above Ground Pool, Tibi, Alicante. In need of new liner

Pool Liner Installation, Alicante

Pool Liner Installation, Alicante. A tight schedule forces work into the night.

Darkness falls, Finishing AlkorPlan Liner

Darkness falls, Finishing AlkorPlan Liner. Walls of the pool in Alicante finished.

Renolit Geotextile underlay

Renolit Geotextile underlay for particularly rough surfaces

New liner, wooden pool

New liner, wooden pool, Alicante

Replacement liner, Tibi, Alicante

Replacement liner, Tibi, Alicante. Using Renolit AlkorPlan 3000