Torremolinos cracked swimming pool renovation

An old swimming pool, cracked through the structure due to ground movement combined with poor construction.

The pool had never had any renovation work done to it, since it was built, so the decision was taken to install a reinforced swimming pool liner, to both waterproof the pool and provide a new cosmetic finish.

As you can see, the transformation is impressive.

This pool refurbishment took just 14 hours, with very little mess and the pool can be refilled immediately.

This is the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 Persia Blue. It is a reinforced PVC laminate that acts as both the cosmetic finish and the waterproofing of the pool. It is the perfect solution for leaking swimming pools, or refurbishment of existing pools. It can be applied to pools of all shapes and sizes.

If your pool requires renovation work, the best time to plan it is over the Autumn and winter months when you are not using the pool. Although our installations are quick and mess free, we have to work around inclement weather etc, so by the time it gets to spring we can have a lengthy queue.