Swimming Pool Renovation, nr Albufeira, Portimao, Algarve, Portugal

Another showcase of a complete swimming pool renovation. This swimming pool on the Algarve in Portugal had typical problems from a pool of around 20-25 years old. Tiles were constantly coming off and there was a horizontal crack running around the top of the pool, this was unsightly, but not leaking.

The 2 skimmer buckets had broken, due to the ground moving. To install the pool lining, we had to change these as part of the process. Fortunately there was no damage to the skimmer pipework. When we install the liner, we rarely need to excavate the terrace, in this case we installed the new skimmer buckets from inside the pool.

The second necessary repair was to install a new hoover pipe as the original line was blocked. The line got blocked because of hoovering up tiles from the bottom of the pool that had come off. In the case it was easier to install a complete new pipe, rather than excavating the terrace. The tiles were probably coming off because the wrong adhesive was used in the original build. Once the tiles start to come off in this way, there is little choice other than to drain the pool, strip all the tiles off and put all new mosaics. This is messy and takes a long time.

The owner of this pool chose to use the fantastic Renolit AlkorPlan liner, because of its easy care qualities and speed of installation. In this case the job was completed in just under 3 days. To have done all these pool repairs and then tile the pool would have taken considerably longer and would have been more costly. Not to mention weeks of construction mess.

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