PERSIA SAND liner installation, leaking swimming pool refurb

Total renovation of a poorly built pool, with structural leaks.

This swimming pool was very poorly built using hollow concrete blocks. The concrete blocks are not a great way to build a pool, unless it is going to be lined. They can be strong enough for a tiled pool, if they are filled with concrete and there are steel bars running horizontally and vertically between each block.

In this case no back filling was done and there was no steel, so the blocks can not support the weight of the water and eventually the structure becomes porous because of micro-cracking. In this case the “builder” of the pool told the clients that the pool would be waterproof once tiled. Tiles are just the cosmetic finish of the pool, they form no part of the waterproofing.

The surround was not looking very good and there were issues with the plumbing. The owner made the decision to totally renovate everything, to be left with a trouble free pool. The surround was changed for a new one. In this situation, the changing of the pipework was straight forward, as the pump room was adjacent to the swimming pool.

We also built steps into the corner of the swimming pool, to make access easier. Steps built at a 45 degree angle across the corner are the safest way to build them, as it leaves fewer sharp corners to bang heads on, they also give a comfortable place to sit.

Once this work was done, we waterproofed the pool and cosmetically finished it using the reinforced membrane from Renolit. The AlkorPlan range of swimming pool liners are perfect for the renovation or waterproofing of flawed swimming pools. Their easy clean smooth surface is another advantage.

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Building pool steps

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As Spain’s leading installers of reinforced pool liners, we have huge experience and are able to advise the most appropriate forms of repairing your pool. Should you be planning work on your pool, the best time is after the summer, not 2 weeks before the visitors arrive! Planning works in the off season allows for unexpected problems to be dealt with and any delays due to things beyond our control are not critical.