Cracked, leaking pool repair & renovation, Torremolinos

This stunning villa in Los Alamos, Torremolinos, Malaga, was built around 12 years ago, the pool forms part  of the construction of the house.

It is unique in the fact that the swimming pool goes under the house and uses a combination of colours to give contrast between the different zones of the pool.

The swimming pool suffered from structural cracking in the walls. The cracks had been “repaired” several times. Non of these repairs to the cracks were successful and the swimming pool continued to leak. In addition, the repairs looked awful, because the tiles were different. This is a problem we see many times, crack repairs that just don’t work and are repeated year after year, costing wasted time and money. The water from the pool was leaking into the apartment under the house, causing problems.

The solution for this leaking swimming pool is clear. Install a Renolit AlkorPlan liner. Guaranteed to be waterproof. The reinforcing in the liner ensures that the movement in the pool structure will not cause problems-

The finish chosen was a combination of grey colours. The main colour is the stunning new Renolit AlkorPlan Ceramics ETNA. For the back wall of the pool, we used Renolit TOUCH Elegance, which is a very dark grey, almost black. The pillars and treads on the steps are also Renolit TOUCH, but the from the Elegance range. The Renolit TOUCH range emulates natural stone, with 3D texture. The Ceramics liner also has a 3D pattern and from a few centimetres away, it is indistinguishable from tiles.

As you can see from the photos of this pool, even though the finish is grey, the pool is a beautiful turquoise colour when full of water.

Ceramics and Touch liners are just over 2mm thick.

In this pool, the lights, jets, skimmers and drain all have to be adapted to be compatible with the installation of the reinforced pool liner. Where the liner meets these fittings, it is attached with stainless screws and gaskets to ensure that the pool is waterproof. The new lights are par56 white LED to reduce running costs.

If your swimming pool is leaking or you would like to reform it, contact us today to see what we can do for you. Works such as this are best planned at the end of summer, not left until 2 weeks before the guests arrive!

Constructing pool steps

Building steps in a pool

Renolit ETNA pool liner, Malaga

Renolit ETNA Ceramics pool liner

Cracked swimming pool repair, Torremolinos

Cracked pool repair, Torremolinos. Renolit Liner installation

Installation of pool lining, Malaga

Installation of pool lining, Malaga. Cracked pool renovation

Modern villa swimming pool finishes

Modern villa pool lining. Grey ceramics liner

Leaking pool renovation

Leaking pool renovation

Swimming pool renovation, Torremolinos

Swimming pool renovation, Malaga

We install swimming pool liners throughout mainland Spain and Portugal. We can install on the islands by request. Commercial, hotel and urbanisation swimming pool liners are no problem for our installation teams. Renovations to community pools can only normally be carried out in WINTER unless by prior arrangement.

We work almost exclusively with Renolit AlkorPlan, as it is the industry leader, but can also work with cefil pool, elbe blue line, flag pool


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