Steel Pool is a manufacturer of prefabricated swimming pool kits. Generally, the kit is comprised of steel panels for the walls, prefabricated fibreglass steps and a bag liner. They are also called panel pools.

The steel panels bolt together to form rigid walls and the floor is made of a sand cement mix.

It is a quick way to build a pool, but as with all kits, the liner is a very thin bag liner. The main reason for this is the  liner has to be able to be packed into a box to go with the kit, it has to be able to be moved around by hand to be put into place. For this reason it is very thin to keep weight down so it can be put into place.

The AlkorPlan 3000 reinforced swimming pool liner is more than twice the thickness, so it would be impossible to put it into the kit. These types of lining are made onsite from rolls of material.

The swimming pool liner material is welded together using jets of very hot air to fuse the seams, ensuring a guaranteed water tight finish.

In most cases with prefabricated pools, we also line the steps to give an extra waterproof protection and it also looks good. In this pool the steps and seals were in very good condition, so they were left.

We can install a liner to any type or shape of pool, it is a great way of renovating a pool, solving problems with cracked or leaking pools, or simply changing the look of the pool.

In this pool the thin bag or kit liner had simply disintegrated over time, so had to be changed. The thin liners have no lacquer protection or reinforcing, unlike the Renolit AlkorPlan 2000 and 3000 range, which are UV stable, reinforced and lacquered.

Steel Pool Liner Replacement Almeria

Steel Pool Liner Replacement, Zurgena, Almeria

Panel Pool Liner, Almeria

Panel Pool Liner Replacement, Zurgena, Almeria

Persia Blue Pool Lining, Almeria

Persia Blue Pool Lining, Almeria. Renolit AlkorPlan 3000

Refilling the Pool, Almeria

Refilling the Pool, Almeria, after repairing and renovating the swimming pool

Pool Repairs, Almeria

Pool Repairs, Almeria. New reinforced Renolit AlkorPlan membrane installed

Renolit AlkorPlan 3000, Almeria

Renolit AlkorPlan 3000, Almeria. Pool liner installers

Renolit Almeria

Renolit Almeria. Swimming pool installers. Persia Blue liner