Liner & Surround replacement, pool refurbishment, Albox, Almeria

This house had been abandoned for 8 years, the pool had been left empty and everything had fallen into disrepair. Weeds had overtaken the terrace and damaged the pool surround. It is never a good idea to leave any type of swimming pool empty.

Our first task was to remove the original liner and asses the damage. We found that some of the fittings had become damaged.

We demolished and removed the original pool surround allowing us to install a new replacement swimming pool surround.

Once this was fitted, we constructed steps in the corner of the swimming pool, to make access easier. The new steps are built into the pool using high density concrete blocks, back filled and then rendered smooth. The steps are put across the corner of the pool to reduce possibility of injury from sharp corners. Constructing steps in the corner of the pool does not reduce the swimming length as much.

To finish the process, we installed a new Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 series liner in Persia Blue, with matching Persia Blue non slip treads on the steps.

As you can see, the refurbishment of this swimming pool in Albox, will leave the homeowner with a swimming pool that is easy to care for and something that they can be proud of.

Swimming pool refurbishment, Albox

Swimming pool refurbishment, with Renolit AlkorPlan, Albox, Almeria

Installation Renolit Reinforced Pool Liner

Installation Renolit Reinforced Pool Liner, Almeria, Spain

Pool liner replacement, Albox

Pool liner repairs and replacement, Albox, Almeria

Replacement swimming pool liner, Almeria

Replacement swimming pool liner installer, Albox, Almeria

Pool refurb, Albox, Almeria

Swimming pool refurb, Albox, Almeria

Replacing a pool liner, Albox

Replacing a pool liner, Albox, Almeria, Spain

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