Changing a damaged swimming pool liner, Canillas de Aceituno, Malaga

This kit swimming pool liner was very old and was the very thin bag type liner that comes with the prefabricated pool kit. It had started to become brittle and was finally broken when the pool cover was blow in during a storm.

The reinforced Renoilit membrane does not become brittle with age and the polyester reinforcing ensures that it stays strong, so is the perfect solution to replace a kit liner or waterproof a leaking pool.

The installation of this liner took 1 day, although we have to return to install the gaskets and plates as they are Hayward models and no parts are available in Europe, so they had to be ordered from the USA.

This prefabricated pool is made from steel panels bolted together. The rust on the panels is only superficial.

When a bag pool liner becomes damaged, it is impossible to repair because they are so thin. Reinforced liners are heat welded together on site, wheras the thin kit liners are sonic welded in the factory.