Stick on tile bands for swimming pools, Spain

Our swimming pool borders are suitable for all types of swimming pools, fibreglass, polyester, mosaic tiled, liner pools. They are easy DIY fitment and give a swimming pool a huge decorative impact.

pool liner edging

Swimming pool border, Self Adhesive

The borders for pools are available in many different colours and designs, meaning that there is a border to suit any colour of swimming pool

Adhesive pool border

Adhesive swimming pool border

The pool borders are fitted from outside of the pool, by lowering the water slightly. The pool borders will give an otherwise plain pool a huge impact.

Mosaic pool border

Mosaic pool border, fibreglass pool

These borders are available in different widths to suit the size and type of pool.

Spain pool border supplier

Install pool border, Spain

There are bright blue borders in our range, to suit lighter colour swimming pool finishes

Pool border replacement

Almeria swimming pool border replacement

These adhesive pool borders can be used to hide cosmetic damage to the waterline, caused by suncream, minerals in the water, UV damage on thin bag liners.

Andalucia decorative pool border

Decorative pool border, Andalucia

Installing a pool border gives a much needed decorative finish to an otherwise plain swimming pool.

Malaga pool border

Adhesive pool borders, Malaga

We supply our pool borders to all areas of Spain, both mainland and islands. If you want your pool to look unique, have a look at our full range of pool borders.

Rustic pool border

Designing a pool border

With a huge range of designs, there is something to suit every taste and every swimming pool, no matter the type of construction.

Make your pool look special for this summer, quickly and easily, by installing one of our Spain supplied swimming pool borders today!

Border Choice Spain

Border Choice Spain