Swimming Pool renovation & replacement liner, Almeria

This pool was leaking and in need of renovation after being left empty for around 7 years.

The structure of the pool is in reasonable condition, but the liner is in poor condition from the pool being left empty. This type of prefabricated swimming pool is referred to as a steel pool, or a panel pool, as it is made up from steel wall sections that are bolted together to form the pool shell. The steps into the pool are a fibreglass unit.

The pool was leaking from leaking skimmer pipes, leaking return jet pipes and hoover socket. The only pipe not leaking was the drain! There was also poor seal around the steps. The pipes had pulled out of the jet fittings and under the skimmers, had significant chlorine damage.

We changed all the plumbing and took the opportunity to install LED lights whilst the terrace was open.

The liner chosen for this project is Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 Persia Black, with the treads of the steps in a matching stone effect non slip. Covering the prefabricated steps is important, as it eliminates the possibility of leaks where the steps seal to the liner, which are common.

The Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 series liner is twice as thick as the original bag liner and is reinforced with polyester fibres, guaranteeing that your pool stays leak free.

The Persia Black liner is one of our favourite pool finishes, combining a modern, personal choice for the pool, yet still being traditional with the tiled effect finish.

We can’t wait to see this swimming pool full. The water is a deep cool blue colour during the day. At night, the LED colour changing lamps will be a real focal point.

Renolit Persia Black reinforced liner

Renolit Persia Black swimming pool membrane

Renolit Swimming Pool Liner installers, Almeria

Replacement Swimming Pool Liner installers, Almeria

Persia Black armoured liner

Persia Black armoured pool liner.

Replacement Steel Pool Liner

Replacement Steel Pool Liner, Persia Black, Zurgena, Almeria

Coloured LED pool lights

Coloured LED pool lights