This panel pool was installed 15 years ago, the kit liner had been leaking for some time. The kit liner is a very thin material that goes brittle in the sun and starts to wrinkle as it gets older. Sometimes it can get punctured just by cleaning.

Here we removed the old liner, checked the condition of all the gaskets and then installed the new liner. The light in the pool was found to be broken and couldn’t be reused, so we had to change it. All the rest of the fittings were in good condition.

The new liner is from the AlkorPlan 3000 range from Renolit and is guaranteed for 10 years. It is more than twice as thick as the original and reinforced with fibres and treated with lacquers to give a long life.

Marble colour is a great choice for large pools as gives plenty of impact, yet it’s random pattern gives life to the water.

A leaking swimming pool in a dry area needs to be fixed quickly, as water is a scarce resource.

Marble Replacement Liner

Marble Replacement Liner Villa Nueva del Trabuco, Malaga

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Replacing a Pool Liner

Replacing a Pool Liner for a prefabricated pool in Malaga

Renolit AlkorPlan Marble

Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 Marble replacement liner

Finished AlkorPlan Liner

Finished AlkorPlan Liner in Marble

Old liner in need of replacement

Old liner in need of replacement in Villanueva del Trabuco