Repair & Refurbishment, Leaking Pool, Bedar, Almeria

This new build swimming pool is located in Bedar, near to Mojacar in Almeria. Our project here was to repair this leaking pool by solving the structural leak.

The pool was a brand new build, but this swimming pool was not built to accepted standards, so it leaked almost from the first time that it was filled.

The swimming pool was constructed from low density concrete blocks. Swimming pools can be built using concrete blocks (although it is not the preferred method), but to build using concrete blocks, each layer of the block work has to have steel rods running through it, both vertically and horizontally and then the blocks need to be filled solid with concrete. The wall also needs to be 2 blocks thick in order to support the weight of the water. Even built like this there can be small cracks, resulting in a leaking pool.

In this case, the swimming pool was leaking because the concrete blocks had not been filled and there was no steel reinforcing. With the enormous forces involved from the weight of the water, the structure could not cope and leaked all over.

The only economical solution to this problem is to install a Renolit AlkorPlan reinforced pool liner. It is specifically designed to cope with movement and the swimming pool is guaranteed leak free.

The installation of the liner is a fast way to refurbish, reform or renovate a swimming pool. For a domestic pool, the installation typically takes between 2 and 3 days. This swimming pool liner colour is the Persia Blue from the Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 range.

The Renolit AlkorPlan has many other advantages to traditional finishes available in Spain. There’s no re-grouting or missing tiles to deal with. No cuts from broken glass tiles and the swimming pool is generally lower maintenance as the smooth surfaces make keeping the pool clean much easier.

If you would like your swimming pool to leak free and looking fantastic, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Pool Leak Repair using Liner

Pool Leak Repair, Bedar, Almeria, Spain

Swimming Pool Refurbishment

Swimming Pool Refurbishment due to leaking structure

Swimming Pool  Renovation, Bedar

Swimming Pool Renovation, Bedar due to structure leaking

Pool Liner installation, Bedar, Almeria

Pool Liner installation, Bedar, Almeria. Renolit AlkorPlan

Reinforced Pool Liner, Almeria

Reinforced Pool Liner installation, Almeria

Swimming Pool Renovation and leak repairs, Almeria

Swimming Pool Renovation, Almeria, using AlkorPlan liner

Pool liner installers, Almeria

Leaking pools, pool works, pool repairs, all done with reinforced liner

Pool reform in Bedar, Almeria

Pool reform in Bedar, Almeria