Self build swimming pools, using liner system

If you are planning to build your own swimming pool, it can be a very economical way of achieving a good looking pool, with the added guarantee that the structure is waterproof.

We are often asked to install the liner after the structure has been built, the swimming pool normally becomes more expensive this way, as work has been done that didn’t need to be, or we have to change things to suit.

We have put together a simple guide to show how the structure can be built ready for the installation, in order to save costs and speed up the pool construction process. The guide also includes the most cost effective way to install the plumbing and filtration system. This guide can be followed by the DIY home owner or a local builder.

The structure is built using concrete blocks, which are economical and quick to put together and once lined with a Renolit AlkorPlan reinforced liner, it is guaranteed to be waterproof.

We have seen many pools built from blocks and then tiled, but they nearly always leak, as hairline cracks allow the water to leak through the tiles. If a tiled pool is to be built, it needs to be built from reinforced concrete, as it is the concrete that is waterproof, not the tiles. The tiles are purely a cosmetic finish.

Download our short guide to building your own swimming pool below.

Self Build information and quote

The licenses and requirements vary from area to area, so it is up to the homeowner to ensure that they meet the requirements.