At PiscinaLiner, we pride ourselves on using the best available materials. Our reputation is built on the quality of our work, if we compromise on the quality of the materials, this affects our reputation as the premier installers of Renolit AlkorPlan liners, throughout Spain and Portugal.

Cheaper liners are not made to the same standards, nor have the same lifespan as AlkorPlan. Cheaper liners are brought in from Asia and visually they look the same. We could supply them and save a few euros per meter, but at what long term price?

Renolit has been trading for nearly 70 years, it is a German company, still run by the original family and has factories throughout the world. Renolit membranes are relied upon for civil engineering projects, such as reservoirs, tunnels, factory roofing and commercial swimming pools, where longevity and quality is the key. All of which are qualities needed for your swimming pool.

We do not like to use the word cheap, however we are able to supply a more economical liner, made from the same world class materials. This liner is reinforced as per our other liners and is several euros per m2 less.

However it is only supplied in white, the base material of the liner. By manufacturing in white, there are significant cost savings, as no printing, finishing or lacquer processes are required. Below are some examples of pools finished in white.

White swimming pool

White Pool Liner, Faro Portugal

Pool Liner, Portugal, White

Swimming Pool Liner Portugal

White Liner, Algarve

White Liner, Swimming Pool, algarve

Pool Liner, White, Algarve

White Swimming Pool

There are a few small disadvantages to a white finish.

  • Any dirt in the pool is more visible against the white background, this is only normally a problem if it is very windy, or the pool filtration is not good.
  • If there are flaws in the pool, such as poor rendering, or other imperfections, the plain colour liner does not hide these. Printed patterns are more forgiving on imperfect surfaces.
  • Scum lines can be harder to remove, as there is no lacquer protection.

We like the modern clean look of the white liner, it is not to everyone’s taste, but it stills gives the waterproof properties, looks good and has a 10 year warranty, backed by a multinational European company, not a faceless importer, using an Asian product.

Happy Swimming!