Swimming pool repair & liner installation Arenas nr Algarrobo, Malaga

This swimming pool is being completely refurbished as part of the villa renovations. The building team has installed all new plumbing, capping stones and rendered the inside of the pool. The depth of the pool has been reduced.

This swimming pool was built around 20 years ago and was leaking through faulty plumbing and leaks in the structure of the pool.

Our part of the project to reform this pool, was to install the RENOLIT AlkorPlan 3000 Persia Blue reinforced liner, with all new fittings, leaving the pool looking beautiful.

This type of installation takes our team approximately 19 hours (57 man hours). The pool can be filled as soon as the work is finished.

Renolit AlkorPlan

Pool renovation, Arenas

Pool refurbishment, Arenas

Pool liner installation

Renolit AlkorPlan, Malaga

Swimming pool leak repair, Arenas

Swimming pool reform, Arenas