Renolit AlkorPlan Carrara swimming pool liner, Algarve, Portugal

The Carrara finish is perfect for free form pools. The deep blues and carefully chosen pattern makes the water really sparkle. It’s something different than the usual blue mosaic tiles that are common place, but still has the same type of blue colour.

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Reinforced swimming pool liner, Faro

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Carrara by Renolit

Pool renovation, Faro

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Reinforced pool liner

Replacement pool liner

A swimming pool liner is the perfect solution for swimming pools that have structural problems, or need to be renovated fast. The reinforced swimming pool liner from Renolit is guaranteed to be waterproof.

This type of installation takes a couple of days and the pool can be used straight away.

We install throughout Spain and Portugal. If you are planning to renovate your pool, plan to do it in the off season, not a couple of weeks before you want to use it!