A total refurbishment of a swimming pool in Ayamonte in Huelva, Costa Esuri, right on the Spain – Portugal border. The river Guadiana runs right beside it, dividing Spain from the Eastern Algarve.

This old swimming pool had typical problems of a pool of its age. Tiles were falling off, the grout had failed, and the structure was leaking.

It was decided to give it a brand new lease of life with the use of the brilliant RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 3000 Persia Blue reinforced pool membrane.

Our installations are FAST, with our highly trained teams having vast experience and as you can see, the results are stunning.

Even though our installations are very quick, there are only so many working weeks in the year, with delays caused by many factors beyond our control, such as bad weather, transport strikes, raw materials shortages… Our advice is that if your pool needs renovating, don’t delay, start planning TODAY!

The first stage of a swimming pool renovation like this is to change the fittings inside the pool, install the AlkorMetal profile, repair missing areas of tiles, then the liner can be heat-welded into place. The liner is 2 layers of PVC, with UV and chlorine protection, reinforced with a polyester mesh.

Costa Esuri pool repair

Costa Esuri pool repair

Ayamonte pool repairs

Ayamonte pool repairs

Huelva swimming pool liner installation

Huelva swimming pool liner

Ayamonte swimming pool lining

Renolit Huelva, Ayamonte, Costa Esuri

Eastern Algarve Pool Lining

Swimming pool leak, Huelva

Repairing tiled pool, Huelva

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